How to Play?

Winner11 is really easy to play & you can earn real money by using your skills, strategy, technique, knowledge, statistics & daily ground conditions. Just create your own team of 11 players out of playing 22 & if your selected team scores more points than your opponent’s team then you would be the winner.

Let’s Understand in detail

Select a Match

Step 1: Select a Match

Choose the match you want to play and show-off your skills.

Select Your Playing XI

Step 2: Select Your Playing XI

Create your own team by selecting different players within a defined virtual credit points.

More About Team Creating
Choose Your Captain & Vice Captain

Step 3: Choose Your Captain & Vice Captain

Once you choose your playing 11 its time to choose your captain & vice-captain that will help you earn extra points.

2x points for the Captain & 1.5x points for the Vice-Captain based on their on-field performance.

One League, Multiple Teams

Step 4: Join Contest of your choice

With your playing XI join a league or contest organized by Winner11 to compete with other users or compete with your friends through a private league created by you or your friends.

Choose Your Captain & Vice Captain

Step 5: Check your Leaderboard & become Winner

Your winnings amount in your Winner11 account is the amount that you have achieved or won by participating in different league(s) or contest(s). Your winnings amount present in your Winner11 account can be easily withdrawn by clicking on "Withdraw" button. Also, you can join various leagues with the amount you win.